My motivations


All of the motives I have in doing this program.

As I previously stated in the last blog post I made, doing this particular program is hard work and can certainly be a pain. Now saying this, you might be wondering why I even go through this headache every single day. Well, one of my main motivations is my dream of having a side business and also, having time to spend with my children and family.

You also might be wondering why I’m even telling you this. Well, it’s because everyone needs some sort of motivation. And for this program you need a purpose and some sort of inclination, otherwise you’ll be stirring up a HOT mess doing this program! It takes serious dedication and commitment and if you’re not up for that, then I guess this just isn’t for you. And just like everyone on this Earth, staying motivated can be hard at times. However, if you put in the effort AND the time and have patience, then you’ll soar and the payoff will be great.

I know this blog post was more of a serious one but I really wanted to discuss the reality of this program, and that it’s not just fun and games. So stay committed and find your purpose, and truly see if this is for you. Before I go I would also want to show you my first video that I made recently on my YouTube channel. Also, please make sure you like, comment, and subscribe on my videos. And remember, everyone — Don’t give up!

Talk to you soon,

~ Vida 🙂




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